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File Scanning Problem Question from mrcthedj (via Beatmixing.com Mixmeister Forum)

and it sits there and scans each file each time i load a saved playlists why does it have to do this everytime what is the point of having an mxm file if its gonna scan every time a new video playlists is loaded and than it gets stuck sometimes and the songs that dont get scanned past that point dont have audio what gives i have used mixmeister for years deejaying live and now i upgrade to fusion video and its doing all this once the playlists has been 100% scanned it runs great but i cant sit there all night waiting and hoping that the damn thing scans instead i start deejaying with my old laptop with fusion THE TRIED AND TRUE and it works fine oh and one more thing MP4 SUPPORT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ARE WE STILL IN THE 90's I mean MPEG come on seriously?
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